Warranty Services

Writing Instruments and Accessories

For a nominal handling fee, Cross will repair or replace your writing instrument or accessory as required. Simply follow the detailed instructions below on how to send in your item(s) for repair.
  1. Print and fill out this form and include it along with a check for $10.00 payable to The Culmer Pen Company for shipping & handling. If you wish to pay by credit card, call 1-855-542-0040.
  2. Package your product in a sturdy container with sufficient padding to protect from damage during transit. All shipping containers and packing materials are discarded upon receipt. As such, please do not use any containers and/or materials you wish returned
  3. Place your item in a padded envelope please include the completed form. Be sure to insure the package.
  4. Forward the package to:

The Culmer Pen Company
4161 Sladeview Crescent, Unit 18 & 19
Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5R3
Phone: 1-855-542-0040
Email: crossrepairs@culmerpen.com


For assistance with repairing or servicing A. T. Cross watches, please follow the watch repair instructions provided.

About Product Repair

If you have any questions about our online product repair service, or any other questions about repairing or servicing your Cross products, feel free to contact a product repair Customer Service Representative by email or by telephone 1.800.561.1621.

Writing Instrument Guarantee

The Cross guarantee extends our assurance of a lifetime of writing pleasure to every owner of a Cross writing instrument through our warranty against mechanical failure, regardless of its age.

In view of the fact that that the life of a pen can span generations and eventual damage can occur, reasonable repair charges will be levied for repairs other than mechanical failure.

Leads, erasers, ink refills, stylus tips, fountain pen nibs, emblems and other customized decoration are excluded from this warranty as well as damage caused from impact, unreasonable use, and obvious abuse.

In the case that your writing instrument is no longer in production and cannot be repaired, Cross will replace your existing writing instrument with a comparable Cross product. Here at Cross we understand the sentimental nature of writing instruments and are committed to returning sentimental items that cannot be repaired along with a replacement.

International Repairs

For service outside of Canada, please follow the international product repair instructions.