Click Star Wars™ Coffret Cadeau Multipack

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New Click designs inspired by five movie legends
Our popular Click pen now comes in a special collection honoring the original Star Wars film trilogy. Created with an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and writing finesse, these themed pens feature the color palettes of three major characters, as well as an emblem and design overlays to bring the spirit of each to life. And Click’s smooth gel-ink technology lets Star Wars write effortlessly, even at lightspeed.
  • Finishes were inspired by signature colors of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and R2D2
  • Highly polished lacquer adds imperial elegance
  • Each pen features a themed character emblem and design details
  • Easy-to-use “click” mechanism
  • Smooth-flowing gel ink technology for a superior writing experience
  • Each pen is showcased in a coordinating character-themed gift box
  • À Propos du Fini
    • Le stylo à bille gel R2-D2 est doté d'un capuchon en laque argentée et d'un baril en laque blanche accentués de détails sur le thème des personnages, d'un emblème R2-D2 et d'accessoires noir satiné.
    • Laque dorée métallisée accentuée d'un emblème C-3PO et de motifs noir satiné.
    • Le stylo Dark Vador présente un fini laqué noir impérial accentué avec des détails de design sur le thème du caractère, un emblème Dark Vador et des accessoires noir satiné.
    À Propos de la Pointe
    • Caractéristique propulseur/repulseur à action pivotante
    • L'encre Cross spécialement formulée s'écoule parfaitement pour une expérience d'écriture supérieure
    • Inclut une pointe de stylo à bille noire moyenne (recharge #8513)

    Les Traits


    These fine collectibles were created in partnership with Disney to ensure authenticity.


    Impeccable engraved or embossed details express the dynamic personality of each character.


    Each item is packaged in a box for a premium gifting presentation.


    Each Star Wars collectible is covered by a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

    Our Partnership

    Cross has partnered with Disney to create this series of officially licensed Star Wars collectibles commemorating the original 1977 film and the saga born from it.

    About Series

    This special-edition series offers something for every Star Wars fan. The most famous (and infamous) Star Wars characters are brought to life with impeccable detail, whether on an everyday pen or journal or a luxury limited-edition collectible. It’s the perfect way to express a passion for the Star Wars films.