Plus new tips from A.T. Cross Teams working from home.

For many of us, going to work has taken on a whole new meaning. If your commute is just a few steps into a guest room or a stroll to the kitchen table, we can relate. It’s important to make the most of your WFH space, wherever it may be, so that you can continue to feel professional, organized and motivated every day. The key to staying productive? The right tools. Here’s what you need to make working from home work for you.



A reliable, well-crafted pen is essential if you’re in frequent virtual meetings taking extensive notes. A reusable Cross Pen not only eliminates the clutter of a pack of disposable pens in a small space, but it accessorizes and enhances your work area with its iconic style. Your pen matters, and we’re proud to hold our writing instruments to exacting quality standards and back their performance with a Lifetime Warranty. Our Multifunction Tech Pens combine different writing tips or a stylus into one space-saving tool for maximum efficiency. And if you’re working in a hybrid model and occasionally head to the office, carrying your own pen can help reduce contact with shared surfaces for additional peace of mind.

TIP: To personalize your at-home work space, choose a pen (or a few) that best expresses your individual style – and add a meaningful engraving that inspires you. Shop all Cross Writing Instruments



We like to say that Cross keeps writers writing. Stock up on Cross Refills and continue your work without interruption. Our refills deliver the smooth, satisfying writing experience you expect, and they’re easy to use and long-lasting. Whatever type of Cross Pen you prefer, we offer a variety of refill options, plus nibs and stylus tops, so that you’ll always be ready before you run out.

TIP: If you’re not sure which refills you need, our Refill Finder Tool on will direct you to the right selection. Shop all Cross Refills



There’s something about a special pen in its own leather case that communicates professionalism and confidence. Our full grain leather pouches and cases keep one or two pens safe, secure and ready to travel when you’re on the move. The timeless styles feature a soft, protective interior and the iconic Cross lion logo debossed on the front.

TIP: From the moment you open it, a distinguished pen case sets an empowering tone for your work day. Treat yourself. Shop all Cross Pen Cases



Count on a Cross Journal to keep your meeting notes, schedules, tasks – all the business of the day – in one handy place. Staying organized is essential when working from home because you’ll feel more connected to your projects and teams, especially if you need to shift gears quickly or manage unexpected tasks. No detail has been overlooked in our user-friendly journals: long-lasting acid-free paper, perforated pages for neat removal, attached page marker and elastic closure, plus an interior pocket for business cards and small items.

TIP: Tuck your Cross Pen into the journal’s clever built-in storage slot. Shop all Cross Journals 



A properly lit work space is essential to your productivity and well-being. A lamp can focus light where you need it most to perform tasks accurately and prevent eye strain. We recommend a swing-arm lamp or clamp lamp because they’re adjustable and space-saving, which is especially helpful if your WFH setup is smaller than your office was. If possible, try facing a window as you work to enjoy the mood-boosting effects of natural light and to feel less isolated in your new environment.

TIP: Warm light has a calming and relaxing yellow glow, while cool light is brighter, whiter and more invigorating.



Don’t forget to keep it real. Adding something personally meaningful to your work space can help you maintain a positive outlook. Small plants and photos are an easy start, but the only limitation is your imagination. Travel souvenirs, a retro clock or art calendar, quirky collectibles, a child’s handmade treasures. Whatever makes you smile will keep you motivated.

TIP: Familiar things never let you down. Our remote teams still recommend two must-haves from the office days: a favorite mug and an insulated water bottle.