What makes a gift truly special? The care you take when choosing it, and the pride you feel when giving it. Meaningful gifts matter, and generations have made an iconic Cross Pen their gift of choice for life’s many special occasions. Elegantly engraved with a name or a unique phrase, a Cross Pen becomes one of a kind – a cherished symbol of an important event or experience. With each stroke of the pen, a customized gift from Cross will continue to evoke fond memories for a lifetime.



The beauty of a personalized gift is that it captures a real moment in your own words. Traditional engravings like a full name, a significant date or simply Congratulations will always have a timeless, sophisticated appeal. In fact, the most popular Cross gifts by far are chosen to honor a new graduate or professional on the journey of success. But the possibilities are endless for your engraved message. Consider celebrating a personal achievement like completing a marathon or thanking an everyday hero like a healthcare worker, teacher or first responder. Many Cross customers have commemorated a wedding or family reunion with their engravings, and we also love the idea of choosing an empowering message for daily inspiration like Aim high or Make it happen. Know someone with a hashtag? Engrave it! Be as creative as you choose.



Personalizing a gift – or your own special pen – is, of course, personal. We’re happy to offer a variety of typography options to suit your individual style: Euro, Script, Block and Contempo. We’ve designed our site with a user-friendly engraving feature so that you can preview each of the fonts in the name or message of your choice. To try it, select a pen at www.cross.com and follow the engraving prompts in the right hand column of the item’s detail page.



Our engravers are a team of experts skilled in the exacting methods of pen customization. As nearly all Cross Writing Instruments can be engraved, we rely on our team’s deep knowledge and experience to determine exactly which type of engraving is ideal for your pen. Here’s a closer look at what it takes to give a fine Cross Pen your personal touch.


Deep cut engraving requires a sharp tool that cuts into the pen cap at high speeds with great precision. Our state-of-the-art engraving machines are custom built to exacting quality standards and programmed to accommodate the unique curvature of each individual pen collection Cross offers. Once engraved, the customized area of the cap is filled seamlessly with color to prevent the newly exposed metal from oxidizing. Prior to this detailed process, we test our pen caps for high durability so that they can withstand the significant force applied during deep cut engraving.


Drag engraving is similar to deep cut engraving, but the result is more shallow. This refined style is not filled with color, as the engraving lacks the depth of a deeper cut. Also known as scratch engraving, this method is reserved for Cross Pens with precious metal or metallic finishes. Our most iconic pens in 10KT, 14KT, 18KT and 23KT gold remain our most requested personalized gifts, and their crisp appearance is a result of our precise drag engraving methods.


Laser engraving uses a focused laser beam to essentially heat an imprint onto the pen cap. While laser technology permits engraving at quick speeds, significant time must be devoted to targeting the exact placement of the personalization for the most esthetically pleasing results. Notably smooth and uniform in appearance, laser engraving can be applied to Cross Pens with precious metal, metallic or PVD finishes.


When it comes to personalizing your gifts, just remember to keep it real and straight from the heart.