Cross does one product, and one product well. Pens. Working for a brand that has been a leader in the field for over 175 years is a rare and amazing opportunity. As a Mechanical Engineer, I focus closely on improving the quality of your writing experience with each new design. Every detail, no matter how small, must pass our exacting standards before we’ll allow any Cross Pen into your hands.

ICONIC STYLE. Cross Pens are recognized worldwide for their distinguished look. They have a refined, timeless character that conveys achievement and success.. A perfect example of an iconic Cross Pen is the Classic Century. It’s our longest-running and most requested style featuring a signature Cross design element – the conical top. The narrowing cone shape is clean and elegant, and the clip is set lower on the cap so that the conical top can be seen from a shirt pocket. The classic, sophisticated style of all Cross Pens appeals to multiple generations, in a range of curated finishes featuring precious metal appointments, engraved patterns and rich color palettes. Like a fine watch or piece of jewelry, our pens are meant be a personal accessory for every day. More than simply instruments for writing, they make an important statement about your individual style.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. Cross Fine Writing Instruments are the only ones in the entire industry that are backed by a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. This is a testament to our own trust in our product and our commitment to delivering top-quality craftsmanship to our customers. Cross will repair or replace any of our Writing Instruments with mechanical defects, regardless of age. We guarantee you a lifetime of writing enjoyment, as well as the confidence to pass down a cherished Cross Pen or Set to the next generation. Learn more about our Warranty. 

RELIABLE, REFILLABLE AND REUSABLE. No detail is overlooked in the creation of a Cross Pen. Our unsurpassed quality standards and commitment to excellence result in reliable products for the most discerning users. All Cross Writing Instruments are inspected at every stage of production to ensure a superior performance. Each instrument is drop-tested in different configurations to guarantee structural integrity. Features like pen clips or the Ballpoint Twist Mechanism must pass rigorous testing cycles before we’ll approve them. And our new pen finishes are tested for up to 100 hours to ensure that they’re resistant to corrosion and color fading. And of course, Cross Pens are nothing like the disposable pens on the market that get tossed away when the ink runs out. Our pens are meant to be with you for life, so we design them with refillable Cross Ink that is always easy to use. Try our Cross Refill Finder to see your best ink options fast.

PERSONALIZED GIFT-GIVING. I’ve always felt that personalized gifts are the most meaningful and memorable. Cross can give your writing instruments a uniquely special touch with our engraving service. We offer a variety of font styles, and I encourage you to be as creative or traditional with your message as you choose. Generations have celebrated life’s many milestones with an engraved Cross Pen, from graduations and wedding anniversaries to important professional achievements. Add a name, a congratulatory phrase or an inspiring motto to make your own Cross Pen or gift truly one of a kind. Make your mark on the world with a fine Cross Pen as your companion on the journey.