At first glance, Cross Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens appear very similar – and in some ways they are. Both are designed with iconic style and crafted to deliver an exceptional writing experience on your lifelong journey. But what makes each writing technology different? And why does it matter?

To help you learn more, we asked our Cross Design and Engineering Experts to highlight the unique features and uses of each type of pen.


  • More streamlined. Slightly slimmer than the Rollerballs in our Cross Collections.
  • Complete convenience. No cap to remove or keep track of.
  • Quick and easy. Just twist or click the top to extend or retract the writing tip.
  • Worry-free. The ink tip stays retracted and protected when you’re traveling.
  • Ink lasts longer. Ballpoint pens lay down the driest ink which is dispersed from a rotating ball that is continuously fed from the ink reservoir.
  • Best choice for firm hand pressure. Ideal for extensive writing, like long note-taking sessions, daily journaling, or creative brainstorming.
  • Refills are very easy to replace.Take a look
  • Lower price. Simplest internal mechanisms and fewer components (remember: no cap!).
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  • Glides freely across the page. Aqueous gel ink flows faster and more fluidly.
  • Requires little hand pressure. Helps prevent fatigue and increases writing speed.
  • Precise ink delivery. A tiny rolling ball on the tip transfers gel ink onto the paper consistently.
  • Produces clear, sharp lines.
  • Perfect for left-handed users. Though the ink is wetter, it still dries quickly and won’t smudge onto the hand.
  • Removable cap. Post it on the barrel for a balanced look while writing.
  • As easy to refill as a ballpoint. Fast-flowing rollerball ink needs to be replaced more often, though.
  • BONUS FEATURE. Cross Rollerballs can be converted into a ballpoint or felt-tip pen just by switching the refills. Remember to cap the Cross felt-tip when not in use to prevent ink from drying out.
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Our best advice is to include a variety of technologies and ink options in your writing collection. Explore our array of Cross Ballpoints and Rollerballs and enjoy the experience of tailoring your writing instruments to the task at hand or even your mood.

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