Should you be less than fully satisfied with your purchase, send it back to us within 30 days of purchase for exchange or refund. Wrap the item securely and include the completed return form that came with your shipment, if you do not have a return form call +44 1582 422 793 in order to receive a return label. We cannot replace or refund your product if we do not receive it. We cannot accept returns on any engraved or customized orders or issue credit for freight or gift wrap. All returns must use our return shipping label. The return will be reflected on your credit card within 30 days after receipt in our offices.

Package your product in a sturdy container with sufficient padding to protect from damage during transit. All shipping containers and packing materials are discarded upon receipt. As such, please do not use any containers and/or materials you wish returned.

Note: We do not accept returns on any customized items, such as engraved or debossed items, for refunds or merchandise exchanges. If you are returning the item due to a mechanical defect, we will accept customized items and process the return as outlined in our Lifetime Warranty section of the site.

The return [excluding shipping charges] will be reflected on your credit card within 30 days after receipt.