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Dual-personality pen

Loves paper and mobile touchscreens

You're accustomed to the writing precision of a Cross pen. It's only natural that we'd bring that distinctive experience to a stylus. Tech2 combines both in one instrument. A smoother glide and increased accuracy will make bringing ideas to life feel effortless, whether on paper or your mobile screen.

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Available Writing Types
Tech 2 Black Ballpoint Pen with Cleaning Cloth
Tech 2 Chrome Ballpoint Pen
Tech 2 Metallic Blue Ballpoint Pen
Metallic Blue
Tech 2 Metallic Blue Ballpoint Pen with 2 Bonus Refills
Tech 2 Pearl White Ballpoint Pen
Pearl White
Tech 2 Pink Ballpoint Pen
Tech 2 Satin Black Ballpoint Pen
Satin Black
Tech 2 Satin Black Ballpoint Pen with 2 Bonus Refills
Classic Black
Tech 2 Tender Rose Ballpoint Pen
Tender Rose
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